Clear & Color Textures

We can help you offer glass in over 140 styles. Our Master Sample Set shows your customer the actual patterns of the glass in 3" x 4" pieces giving them a chance to examine their options with glass they hold and feel in their hands. We offer this full line of samples for only $80.00 plus shipping.

Glass can obscure for privacy, give a feeling of beauty and sophistication, accent beautiful furniture, or add a new design element.

Give your customers more choices. Our set of over 140 clear and colored glass samples will inspire your clients.


Antique Mirror

We are proud to indroduce our Antique Mirror Collection. Consisting of nine diferent styles of Antique Mirror, available in 1/8" & 1/4", custom cut or sheets.

The samples of the Antique Mirror Collection are 4" x 6" and cost $35 plus shipping. Please call for ordering information.






Laminate Series


Laminated Glass Sample

PRODUCT BENEFITS – TLS benefit include the product’s hygienic qualities and ease of maintenance, reflective properties that can contribute towards LEED credits, resistance to moisture, durability, and ease of installation.

PRODUCT USES – TLS can be used as: showers and bath stall walls, dry-erase boards, wall installations, cabinet doors, elevator walls, backsplashes, closet doors, headboards, table tops, partitions, signs or anywhere a sleek, contemporary look is desired.

PRODUCT SIZES – TLS is available Custom Cut and in stock standard sizes up to 44x94. Custom shapes, drilled holes and cut-outs, and laminated glass quotes are available upon request with additional lead times.

About the TLS: Custom Laminated glass, is the newest addition to the Architectural Glass Effects product line. Used in commercial and residential environments for its brilliant color, ease of maintenance, and light reflective properties. It is available in many color and material options and combinations.
















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